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ICO Co-Investment

Launching an ICO? We invest pre-ICOs and ICOs

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are transforming fundraising. ICOs enable founders to raise money fast and from anyone in the world who believes in their idea regardless of the cheque size and with no time delay from pitching to hundreds of investors over several months.

At the same time, ICOs give investors large and small access to new investment opportunities and let them benefit from the upside without costly intermediation.

True shareholder participation and unparalleled fundraising speed meet in an ICO. At Catena, we are bullish on investing in ICOs because we believe in the power of ICOs for founders and investors.

Our focus lies on great teams with great business models who possess the vision and discipline to grown them into sustainable companies.

How And What We Invest


  • Pre-ICO, ICO
  • First-capital ICOs
  • ICOs of existing companies
  • Pre-product stage
  • Product stage
  • Global deal-sourcing


  • Funding from Catena
  • Funding from Catena’s backer network
  • Community marketing resources


  • Know-how: >15 ICOs
  • ICO preparation support
  • Post-ICO Mentoring: legal, lock-in, withdrawal, product / company building

ICOs We Look For

Come with your idea. Become a founder at Catena. Get accelerated


Catena thrives to add value by investing in ICOs that are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with re-imagining the world on the Blockchain.

Therefore we invest in ICOs of concepts that use the Blockchain as a technology base, and such that enrich the Blockchain and cryptocurency ecosystem but do not necessarily need to use the Blockchain.

We are coin-agnostic, token-model-agnostic and Blockchain-agnostic. Bring on your boldest idea!

  • Cryptocurrency
  • Smart contracts
  • FinTech
  • InsurTech
  • PropTech
  • Blockchain community
  • Blockchain education
  • Blockchain developer tools