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We live in exciting times:
Over $2Bn have been invested in ICOs with 200 new ICOs coming out weekly. Cryptocurrencies yield returns the traditional financial markets do not deliver. And with the Blockchain, we have a technology at hands that has the potential to disrupt established business models through decentralization.

Catena finds and qualifies the best Blockchain and ICO investment opportunities.

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Investment Funds

Investment Funds

Catena Funds

The Catena Funds are backed by some of the most successful German entrepreneurs. Catena lets other entrepreneurs, family offices, high net-worth individuals and funds participate. We follow an agile fund model approach in terms of liquidity, deal-by-deal basis and amount size in order to move fast with current regulations, because we want to be able to invest in the most promising projects and founders at any given time.

Through the Catena Funds we invest in the following two areas:

  • ICOs, Tokens, Coins

    We invest in external and internal ICOs, tokens and coins. Entrepreneurs at heart, Catena places a high emphasis on due diligence of the token models, KYC & AML processes, team and execution power, as well as legal compliance. Catena also contributes operationally through marketing efforts, network and hands-on advisory to make an ICO successful.
  • Portfolio Companies

    Catena portfolio companies are companies in which we invest from the earliest days on, often starting as an equity investment. We contribute our resources, those of Catena itself as well as the companies of the founders who are backing Catena, to the fullest. We help our founders grow into teams, our teams into market ready product companies, and scale our companies into market leaders.

Why invest with us

Invest in the Bold, the Do’ers, the Impactors

  • Serial entrepreneurs at heart, managing > 25 companies: at Catena, you can trust in the best mix of DUE DILIGENCE in caps, entrepreneurial savvy and financial prowess.
  • Incubated >40 companies into own holdings: We strive to invest in synergetic, ecosystem shaping companies.
  • Experienced in >50 ICO investments: Our proven ICO pre-screening model ensures selecting the highest-return opportunities.
  • Day1 cryptocurrency investors and traders: We live and breathe what we do.
  • Interdisciplinary global advisory network: Over 30 operationally active advisors across the globe in tech, legal, finance and marketing.

Let’s invest together!

* This form collects your data so that we can correspond with you. By clicking on the Contact Our Investor Relations button, you agree to our Privacy Policy.